Hiking in Bulgaria

Hiking in Bulgaria

There are plenty of good places for hiking in Bulgaria, whether you are up for an easy walk or a rough hiking trail. The Rhodope Mountains, Stara Planina, and Rila and Pirin Mountains all offer excellent opportunities for mountaineering, hiking, and trekking. Just choose the right type of adventure for you and your family.

A day trip to the Bansko Region makes for a memorable hiking experience. You will find great trails in the area, whether you prefer to join a group tour or to do it on your own. Vihren is the highest peak in the Pirin Mountains (2,914m) and is a peak to climb only if you are an experienced hiker. Other peaks include Bezbog, Kamenitsa, Sinanitsa, and Kutelo. Many architectural sites and natural wonders are scattered around, including the Rozhen Monastery, Bulgaria’s smallest town Melnik, and Bansko ski resort.

Hiking in Bulgaria is an unforgettable experience if you happen to be in the Rhodope Mountains. There are trails for all levels of experience for backpackers to enjoy scenic landscapes, remains of Roman bridges and roads, lavish meadows, nestled villages, and natural phenomena. The Rhodope Mountains are the home to many bird and animal species such as the European bison, red deer, fox, wild horse, and black and Egyptian vulture. There is plenty to see when hiking in the Rhodope Mountains – Karadzhov Kamak (rock formation), Orlovo Oko (panoramic platform), Belintash (Thracian sanctuary), and Yagodina cave, to name a few.

The Balkan Mountains or Stara Planina are also a great place for nature walks, trekking, and hiking in Bulgaria. There are many nature reserves on the territory of Stara Planina, examples being Steneto, Kozya Stena, and Dzhendem. Popular routes include Kom – Emine and Climbing Mount Botev. Backpackers have the chance to see plenty of waterfalls and endangered and rare species such as martagon lily, common sundew, yellow pheasant’s eye, and many others. Other popular destinations include Etar (ethnographic complex), the beautiful village of Zheravna, many monasteries, and the village of Bozhentsi, which is an architectural historical reserve.

Hiking in Bulgaria to Musala – Rila Mountains’ highest peak – is also an adventure not to miss. Along the trail you will have the unique opportunity to see hot springs, glacial lakes, verdant meadows, and scenic views. There are plenty of attractions and landmarks to discover such as the Rila Monastery, Borovets ski resort, 7 Rila Lakes, Stob Pyramids, and plenty more.